fees For Services

S.No. Description Session Time Charges
1. Acupressure (Local areas) 30 minutes Rs.300/-
2. Acupressure (Full body Points) Depend upon person to person Rs.750/-
3. Reiki. Healing Full body cleansing and healing
including aura and chakras
Depend upon person to person Rs.1500/-
4. Distance Healing as per issues Depending upon the issues Starting from Rs.2000/-
5. Meditation per session 45-60 minutes­ Rs.500/-
6. Zen Taro Cards Reading Spiritual 1 Hour Rs.500/-
7. Mudra Vigayan.
a) General
b) Advance with all details
a) 2 Hours
b) 4 Hours
a) Rs.500/-
b) Rs.1000/-
8. Personal Counseling 60 minutes session Rs.500/-
9. Thai Foot Reflexology 45 minute session Rs.1000/-
10. Nutrition & Fitness
a) Health Consultation tips
b) Diet plan
c) Special Diet plan
d) Monthly Diet plan with regular changes
a) For one schedule
b) For one schedule
c) For one schedule
d) Multiple
a) Rs.500/-
b) Rs.500/-
c) Rs.1000/-
d) Rs.5000/-

Combo offer is also available on request
For Academic Please contact.