Osho Zen Tarot card

  • The Transcendental Game of Zen


  • Osho’s technique for meditation.
  • Guided meditations.
  • Relaxing body and mind.
  • Inner journey.

Distance Healings

Distance healing can be done to the person who is not present physically at the place of healing.

He/She will get healed where they are living or working at present.

Interested persons can get distance healing from 1 weak to 12 weak. (Depending upon their problems).

Personal Counseling

We offer counseling for any matter that is causing you concern or distress, anger etc. It may be something that has bothered you for a long time, or it could be the result of a recent event or crisis.

There is a single session of 1. Hour.

Number of sitting is depending upon client’s problem.

Below is a list of the issues that person often feel a need to discuss.

  • Non acceptance of growing old.
  • Didn’t get satisfaction even having money.
  • Physically having no problems- but still having pains.
  • Worried about their children’s future.
  • Worried about their parents.
  • About relation of “Husband-Wife”.
  • Teenager’s problem.
  • Youngsters want to achieve their goals….. very fast without any experience

The Disclaimers

Reiki healing, Acupressure, Mudra is not a substitute for traditional medical treatment,and no medical claims are made regarding these treatments. Information provided on this website is not designed to diagnose, cure or prevent any disease. You should consult with your health care practitioner when you find any medical condition existing. It is important not to have expectations about the outcome of receiving Reiki, acupressure or mudra vigyan- healing will take place but it may happen in unexpected way, no medical claims are made regarding these treatments. People with serious conditions should consult their doctor.


No information about any client will be discussed or shared with any third party without written consent of the client or parent/guardian- if client is under 18.