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Welcome to our Website

I am a spiritual seeker, doing meditation since 1979. Being thought in my mind that “Experiencing is the only right way –instead of collecting borrowed knowledge”, I took “Osho “Sannyas” in 1995.

Being an Osho’s Sanyasy, I am facilitating meditation since 2010.

I also did a certified master of Japanese technique for healing, stress reduction and relaxation known as “Reiki”.

I am healing people on their request and healing the every needy ones.

Instructing body and mind through guided meditation techniques and music,we give relaxation to our clients.

I also did certified Acupressure and magnet therapy,taking sessions with people suffering from different problems relating body and mind.

So l am inviting every person— for their inner journey to explore the seed of real beauty, peace and joy which is already within us. I respect all the true healers/teachers/masters on this planet.

I welcome all friends for inner journey.